Laser Weapon M18 REVIEWS

Laser weapon technology from TASER® offers the most powerful stopping force available today. TASER® weapons offer lasersight accuracy for immediate electronic takedown from 15 feet away.

Laser Weapon M18

M18 TASER® Weapons fire with laser sight accuracy
from a safe distance of fifteen feet away
with ultimate and extreme take-down power
and are legal for civilians in most U.S. states

Extremely powerful weapon that drops assailants to the ground from a safe distance of 15 feet away. A CO2 cartidge fires two electrified projectiles into the subject with the same type of power as an air gun. These projectiles become imbedded in the attacker and are effective in penetrating up to 2 and 1/2 inches of heavy clothing including heavy leather jackets. The barbed projectiles remain attached to the assailant and are connected to the weapon by high voltage insulated wire. See a video.

The ADVANCED TASER® has an ambidextrous safety switch can be operated from either side. Activating the safety in the up (ARMED) position also turns on the laser sight on the M18 L model. When the M18/M18L is deployed, it delivers a 5-second energy burst. The burst can be stopped at any time by positioning the safety switch to the down (SAFE) position. Unlike a firearm trigger, the ADVANCED TASER® M18/M18L trigger is a momentary electrical switch. The switch is operational only when the safety switch is in the up (ARMED) position. Depressing and releasing the trigger will result in a five-second discharge unless the safety switch is moved to the down (SAFE) position. Holding the trigger switch for more than 5 seconds will result in a continuous discharge until the trigger switch is released. In the event of an accidental discharge, immediately move the safety switch to the down (SAFE) position to stop the discharge cycle.
50,000 Volts, 18 Watts and 133 MilliAmps of measured power is instantly discharged into the subject. The electrical discharge pulses in a revolutionary new method of advanced EMD power (Electro-Muscular Disruption) that no subject has ever been able to overcome. The EMD power surge instantly disrupts the central nervous system and results in the subject falling to the ground in spasms of involuntary muscular convulsions.
The M18L has a laser sight to aid in aiming. The laser sight is activated on the M18L automatically when the Safety Switch is up (ARMED) and ready to deploy. The laser sight also has a deterrment factor that is most effective when accompanied with a loud verbal warning. Although the Laser Sight has a 100 foot range for a high deterrence factor, the TASER® has an effective range of 15 feet. In real-life incidents the high stress levels you experience can affect judgement and weapon handing effectiveness. No one knows how they will react to a real-life situation until it actually happens. The Laser Sight provides the extra security of knowing that you “can’t miss” in the critical moment of action.
The ADVANCED TASER® causes central nervous system override in which all conscious thoughts are overridden by subconscious thoughts in order to protect itself from further perceived damage. The human nervous system communicates with simple electrical impulses. The ADVANCED TASER® uses similar electrical impulses called TASER®-Waves.
The front of the M18/M18L contains two metal electrodes. These electrodes direct the charge to the electrodes on the cartridge to initiate deployment of the probes. In addition, the electrodes provide the ability to also use the M18/M18L “on-contact” as a traditional stun-gun type device. The ADVANCED TASER® can be used on contact without a cartridge in place. It can also be used on contact with a spent (discharged) cartridge in place. Discharged cartridges also have exposed electrodes to facilitate on contact use. This is especially applicable when attacked by more than one assailant or if you fire from a distance and miss. You are never left defenseless.
Our ADVANCED TASER® is an “EMD” (Electro-Muscular Disruption) system: These stun AND override the central nervous system causing uncontrollable contractions of the muscle tissue. The ADVANCED TASER® affects both the sensory AND motor nervous system. The Central Nervous System is the command center (brain and spinal cord) that processes information and makes decisions.
“EMD” is now also referred to as NEUROMUSCULAR INCAPACITATION (NMI). The human nervous system communicates with simple electrical impulses. The command center (brain and spinal cord) processes information and makes decisions. The peripheral nervous system includes the sensory and motor nerves. The sensory nerves carry information from the body to the brain (temperature, touch, etc.). The motor nerves carry commands from the brain to the muscles to control movement and can be involuntary in response to the sensory information. An example would be the involuntary muscle reaction to pull a hand away from a hot object. TASER® technology uses similar electrical impulses to cause stimulation that affects the sensory and motor nerves.
Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) occurs when a device is able to cause involuntary stimulation of both the sensory nerves and the motor nerves. It is not dependent on pain and is effective on subjects with a high level of pain tolerance.


The TASER® is the most effective protection available today with absolute takedown power. It’s also safe and easy to use. Protect yourself and your loved ones with TASER® power. The TASER® discharges electrical energy with the highest take-down power available today from a safe distance of 15 feet away.

® weapons use a replaceable TASER® cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen that fires two barbed projectiles attached to the TASER® by insulated wires. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing from a safe distance of up to 15 feet away. Every TASER® Cartridge contains Anti-Felon Identification (AFID) Tags. Every time a TASER® Cartridge is deployed, at least 24 small confettilike AFID tags are ejected. Each AFID is printed with the serial number of the cartridge deployed, allowing law enforcement agencies to determine the registered owner of the cartridge and track citizen use if ever used in a criminal act.
Previous generations of stun guns could primarily affect the sensory nerves only, resulting in pain compliance. A person with a very high tolerance to pain (e.g., a drug abuser or a trained, focused fighter) might be able to fight through the pain of a traditional stun gun.

The use of TASER® technology is designed to cause NMI incapacitation and involuntary muscle contractions making secondary injuries a possibility. These potential injuries include but are not limited to: cuts, bruises, impact injuries, and abrasions caused by falling, and strain-related injuries from muscle contractions such as muscle or tendon tears, or stress fractures. These injuries are secondary in nature and not directly attributable to the electric stimulation of the TASER® device, but are possible consequences of the involuntary muscle contractions the TASER® device induces to produce incapacitation.

Sensory Nervous System are made of nerves that carry information from the body to the brain such as touch, temperature, etc. Simple “stun guns” and older TASER® technology from the Rodney King era affect these nerves. Motor Nervous System nerves carry commands from the brain to the muscles to control movement. The ADVANCED EMD systems affect BOTH the sensory and motor nerves.

Conducted Energy Weapons are effective because they overwhelm these electrical impulses. An ADVANCED TASER® can override the central nervous system of the human body. This will affects both sensory and motor systems. It does not rely solely on pain for compliance, but can be painful.

The Laser Sight is activated when the safety latch is switched up to the “on” position. The safety works like a conventional firearm that makes it completely safe with an extra measure of security when carrying in a pocket, purse, briefcase, desk, glove compartment or holster. Extremely rugged, the Laser Sight is integrated into the weapon at the factory so it will keep it’s accurate alignment indefinately. The top electrode hits where the laser is aimed, and the second probe hits the body a few inches lower. Aim for the upper chest. A metallic practice target is included. Can be quickly reloaded, and as with all TASER®s, this weapon continues to function as a conventional stun gun after firing – even with a spent cartridge in the weapon.

New EMD (Electro Muscular Disruption) and NMI (Neuro Muscular Incapacitation) technology of 50,000 Volts with 18 Watts and 133 MilliAmps of power will stop all attackers and this makes it even more powerful than previous model TASER® weapons. Even assailants under the influence of PCP and determined aggressive attackers of massive size can not overcome the power of this weapon. It takes down any assailant instantly and effortlessly. Completely nonlethal with no lasting side effects, so it is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, briefcase or even as a concealed weapon. Not classified as a firearm, so it is legal to carry with you in almost all states and localities. (We do not ship to HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, WI.) Widely used and recommended by law enforcement agencies, it is now carried by every officer and patrolman in the San Diego Police Department, and soon by every officer and patrolman in the Albuquerque Police Department.

See the ADVANCED TASER® Owners Manual for instructions on use of your TASER®.






TASER X26C fires 50,000 Volts From 15 Feet Away with Laser Sight Accuracy!

Shaped Pulse™ TechnologyTASER X26C Videos

Utilizing the same technology and modeled after the police TASER X26™, the TASER X26C™ civilian model packs the same features including laser sight, LED, digital pulse controller and central information display.

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Laser Weapon TASER® C2
TASER® Weapons fire with laser sight accuracy
from a safe distance of fifteen feet away
with ultimate and extreme take-down power
and are legal for civilians in most U.S. states

C2 TASER® Weapons fire with LASER sight accuracy
from a safe distance of up to 15 feet away